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WO/2019/234187. Trimeric polypeptide complexes and uses thereof. 
The present invention relates to trimeric polypeptide complexes derived from the collagen homotrimerization domain for stimulating anti-tumor immunity without increasing systemic toxicity.
WO/2017/09005. Single-chain fusion constructs comprising multimeric antibody fragments fused to collagen trimerization domains.
Includes mono- and multi-specific multivalent single-chain polypeptide molecules and derivatives, preferably multispecific single-chain (tandem) Trimerbodies with defined stoichiometry, to nucleic acid sequences, encoding vectors, and host cells expressing the same. It further relates to methods of production, pharmaceutical compositions, kits, methods of treatment, use as diagnostics or imaging reagents, and combination therapies.
WO/2012/049328. Generation of multifunctional and multivalent polypeptide complexes with collagen XVIII trimerization domain. 
Comprises mono- and multi-specific multivalent trimeric antibodies with defined stoichiometry, nucleic acid sequences, vectors, host cells, methods of production, pharmaceutical compositions, kits, methods of treatment, use as diagnostics, imaging and combination therapies.

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